Unofficial Minecraft Stories

More Than a Glitch (Diary of A Herobrine)

Ashley Witty‘s amusing story–More Than a Glitch: The Story of a Hero–relates the adventures of Herobrine a glitch who lives in the walls of Minecraft waiting to escape his coding and mess around in the blocky world. He desperately wants to be a good guy out there mining and crafting and building golems to protect villagers. He wants to be a hero. With his sidekick Enderman, the two decide instead to enter a convention’s scaring competition since that is what they are good at. Follow their hair-raising escapades as they compete for the title of Minecraft’s Best.

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The Undead Pigman’s Journey to the Surface (Diary of A Pigman)

In this amusing story–The Undead Pigmen Journey to the Surface–a distraught Minecraft piglet named Iggy frantically leaves home after his dad is consumed by Steve. Being struck by lightning, the piglet enters the underworld—the Nether World—where he becomes a Zombie Pigman. After making friends with Carl, another Zombie Pigman, the two struggle to get back to top level, the land of Minecraft. Carl advises Iggy to keep a journal of their efforts to reach home. Read about a monumental clash with “a whole bunch of Steves” as Carl and Iggy search for a top level portal.

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Hero or Villain

From Villain to Hero - Part 1 of Wither’s Journey (Diary of A Wither)

Ashley Witty‘s hilarious story–From Villain to Hero: A Minecraft Diary of a Wither—tells about a floating, three-headed, ghostly mob with a skeletal appearance who suddenly decides to be a hero rather than a villain. He defies the law of the game that states, “You must be a monster, a villain, and a pest! You will kill Steve and villagers and everything!” Wither challenges The Dragon to a duel. Will Wither defeat the Dragon and save the villagers? This is Part 1 of Wither’s adventure in heroism.

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More Wither Adventures

Still the Hero? - Part 2 of a Wither’s Journey (Diary of A Wither)

Part 2 of Ashley Witty‘s story—Wither: Still the Hero?: Minecraft Diary of a Wither—continues the adventures of an idealistic floating, three-headed, ghostly mob with a skeletal appearance who has decided to be a hero rather than a villain. Having won a duel with The Ender Dragon, he settles into life among the Villagers he wants to protect. He learns their habits and even lives in a house instead of a cave. At a Halloween trick-or-treat celebration, the Ender Dragon reappears with a monster army. The monsters are poised to attack Wither and the Villagers who call themselves heroes.

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Even More Laughter

Definitely A Hero - Part 3 of a Wither’s Journey (Diary of A Wither)

In Ashley Witty‘s story—Wither: Definitely a Hero: Part 3 Minecraft Journal of a Wither— accompanied by Iron Golem, the Wither continues his efforts to be a hero and to save villagers from monsters and a Dragon he thought he’d defeated. Wither and Iron Golem manage to blow away spawning monsters but the villagers are retreating from an army that is destroying their crops and homes. The Wither and Iron Golem set out for a portal to take them to the Ender Dragon. But Wither must decide if a hero would destroy his enemy? Would that make him a villain?

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